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About Us

The Markham Business Sports League is a corporate, company, and small business sports league designed specifically for team building and after work sports. Our league offers a variety of high quality sports during the fall, winter, spring and summer months that are specifically designed for anyone involved in the corporate culture.

The Markham Business Sports League is home to over 50 corporate and friendly teams playing after work, and is comprised of over 1000 individual players and growing!

Our mandate is to provide an enjoyable team building experience for anyone who wants to play sports after work.

Not only does our league provide a great experience using sports, but we focus on the core values of teamwork, team building, and strengthening relationships amongst colleagues, friends and family.

We have the ability to accommodate specific company and corporate needs, and are a perfect outsource for any social committee or department that needs assistance or is looking to organize sports.

The business and corporate aspect to our league is great for networking or marketing in a positive sports related environment.

Our organization ensures high quality sports, and all of our leagues include premium fields/facilities, referees, standings, regular season play, playoffs, clinics, tournaments, prizes and much more!

Historically, we originated over 15 years ago and was only home to roughly 12 teams playing solely in The Markham Business Baseball League. Now, after expanding in size and offering more sports, we have become the Markham Business Sports League and will continue to expand and ensure a spot for everyone and every team in the Markham area!