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(MAY 2018)




1. Each team can submit a maximum of 25 players. The 25 players can include both full time and reserve players. Your friends and family are welcome to join the team if the company team allows it. All team captains can access a player list online for teams in their division to identify other team players. Teams must have their own set bases and bats.


2. All teams/captains/players must register online and sign our waiver. Players MUST sign the waiver, there are no exceptions. Changes to the players on the team will be allowed at the midway point of the season. If there are poor commitment by certain players, you’re permitted to add/remove players. After this midway point, no other roster changes are allowed. Only opposing team captains or assistants will have the authority to question any other team's player(s) after one full inning of play. Photo ID must be produced by the player(s) in question within 5 minutes of the challenge. If an invalid player is proven to be playing or participating as a player on the bench, the game is automatically forfeited as a 7-0 score regardless of the score at the time. If the player questioned cannot produce photo ID, then that player cannot participate in the game and the game may resume. All players must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


3. Three pitch division: Each team can field 5 men and 5 women. If you do not have a full team, you may field a maximum of 5 men and a minimum of 3 women. Any less than 8 total players constitutes a default. You must have a minimum of 3 women to avoid default, and cannot replace the fourth and/or fifth women with men. Teams with more women than men can replace any or all of their men with women players.
Slo-pitch Division: The rule differs in the slo-pitch division, you may field 6 men and 4 women. You still need a minimum of 3 women and a minimum of 8 total players to continue play, unless an injury brings the total number of players below 8.


4. Teams may only use players identified on their online team list provided at the beginning of the season as well as player changes identified in the mid-year roster shuffle. No other players are permitted to play. Companies with more than one team may not use players from other company teams. Individual players are only allowed to play for one team in the MBSL.



5. The batting order allows you to bat 2 males in a row. You are allowed to “box” your female or male batters. This simply means that you do not need to have a name associated with a position in the batting order when you are “boxing” that gender. All eligible players who show up to the game are able to participate at any point in the game and must be placed on the team line up. All players are required to bat (based on their position in the batting line up) and must remain in the batting line up unless injury forces a player out. Players on the list can be substituted defensively in and out of the game based on team captain/co-captain decision during the game.


6. Pinch runners are only allowed if a roster player has an existing injury or suffers an injury during the game. If a team begins the game with enough players and, through injury(s) falls below the minimum number of players (men or women) the game can proceed to the end without default. Teams must use the last guy/girl out as pinch runner. Anyone requiring a pinch runner due to an existing injury must be identified before the game. Pinch runners must be of same sex. Pinch runners must start from first base if the roster batter acquires first base on the original at bat. Teams cannot replace runners already on base with a new runner unless an injury has occurred. If an injury occurs to any offensive or defensive player during the game, that player may be taken out of the game and replaced with another player due to the injury. The injured player is allowed 1 full inning to recover and may go back into the game after that period. If the same player is injured a second time and removed from the game they will not be allowed to play for the rest of the game.




7. Three pitch division: In this division, your pitcher will pitch to you while your team is at bat. Lob ball only meaning that there must be only one single motion by pitchers arm to deliver the ball to the plate underhanded (no windmill type or half pipe pitches like in regular softball). The velocity of the ball delivery to the plate can be at any speed. There is no required arc rule. All players are allowed 3 pitches before an out is recorded. If you fail to get a hit after the allotted number of pitches you are out.

Slo-pitch division: In this division, an opposing pitcher is required to pitch the ball with an arc between
6 and 12 feet. If ball hits mat it is considered a strike. If it misses the mat it is considered a ball unless
the batter swings. In this division all teams are required to have a 2’x3’ non-notched mat.

7 (a) Slo-pitch division; if you walk a male batter he automatically receives 2nd base if followed by a female. The female batter then has the option to either take her at bat, OR she can take 1st base instead.



8. Three pitch division: In this division the pitcher is not allowed to touch a ball hit by the batter. If the ball should hit the pitcher, the ball is dead, the pitch counts towards the total of 3 permitted per batter. The pitcher must also make an effort to remain clear of the defensive play once the ball has been hit including clearing way for any infield throws between bases. Defensive team must have control of the ball in the infield for the play to be discontinued.

Slopitch division: In this division, the pitcher may field the ball. In either division any pitcher/catcher defensive combination can be used by teams (ie. male/male, male/female, and female/female).

8. (a) For both divisions, pitchers must begin their pitch from behind a line which will be drawn by umpires 50 feet from home plate (at some parks this may be well behind the pitcher’s mound/rubber). Umpires will call the pitch illegal if the pitcher is pitching from within 50 feet of the batter, a warning will be issued to team pitcher If infraction is repeated any number of times thereafter by any team pitcher, the pitcher will be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the game. This rule is being implement as a safety measure for pitchers pitching too close to batters.


9. Lead-offs are not allowed and runners may advance only after the ball has made contact with the bat. Runner(s) leading-off any base are automatically out. A lead off is considered when the runner's foot leaves the bag before the ball is struck.


10. Stealing and bunting are not allowed. A bunt is defined as an infield hit in which the batter does not follow through with a full swing of the bat. Drag bunts are also not allowed.


11. To avoid collisions at first base, a double bag system will be used. One bag must be on the inside of the foul line and one bag must be immediately parallel on the outside (foul territory) of the line. To record an out at first, the defensive player must touch the bag on the inside of the foul line before the runner has reached the bag on the outside of the foul line. The defensive player is not allowed to tag the runner going to first. On a base hit, to the outfield, the runner can touch either of the two first base bags providing there is no danger of collision.


12. Bases are 65 feet, on all diamonds.


13. Because sliding is not allowed at home base, a player running from third base must cross a line of commitment which will be 4 feet from the scoring line. Once the runner crosses the commitment line he/she must continue home. The runner must cross the safe line and be in contact with the ground to score a run. The line must be drawn from the front of the plate back toward the screen. If the ball is caught by the catcher and the catcher is touching home plate or mat, depending upon the division of play, the runner failing to cross the safe line is out. No tagging of the runner is allowed after they cross the commit line. Runners touching or sliding at home plate OR SCORING LINE are automatically out.







14. Each game will consist of 7 innings. The game is allotted 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. There will be no new inning started after 1 hour and 5 minutes, with no pitch after the allotted match time. We will revert back to the last completed inning if in the middle of an incomplete inning at 1 hour and 15 minutes. If the full 7 innings cannot be completed because of time, rain, darkness, or other unexpected reasons, then the score at the end of the last full inning will stand. A minimum of 4 full innings must be completed (unless the home team is winning) for the game to be considered a complete game. There will be a replay if 4 full innings were not completed and the score will begin at 0-0 for that replayed game. There will be no "game completed" curfew imposed for any game. Every attempt should be made to complete the game in the allotted time.


15. If a ball is overthrown, and the ball remains in play, runners may advance at their own risk. If the ball is overthrown over the fence or into the dug-out at first or third, will constitutes a 1 plus 1 award for all batter/runners from the time of the throw.


16. The designated home team must supply an acceptable league approved ball for the game. The following balls are used by the MBSL for game play, 12" Official Softball (Demarini, Worth, Louisville):

The following Core and Compressions are acceptable, 40/400, 40/375 or 52/275.

Failure by home team to produce acceptable league approved ball will result in default. Opposing captains have option to overrule the default and provide the ball, however this is at their own discretion and are not obligated. Other equipment (bases, bats, & gloves) are the responsibility of each team. Teams may only use official softball bats and may not use hardball bats. All bats used in MBSL play must have the “Thumbprint” logo (see website for Bat Rules), exception, wood bats that say “SOFTBALL” on the barrel. If a non-approved bat is identified, and used in the game, the non-offending team will have the choice of taking the result of the play or have that player called out. A second offence during the game will result in an out being called and an ejection of the offending player. Home team supplies the ball and bases for that game, however, both teams must co-operate if not enough bases are available.


17. If a hit ball should strike an object on the field, trees, go over any fences/portable, or go into another playing field it will still be in play. A ball hit over the outfield fence is considered a home run. If the play is interfered with by anyone other than a designated player, the umpire will decide on the correct call.


18. If a fly or foul ball is caught, the base runners can tag up and advance. A ball is considered available for a play providing it is between the foul line and an extended line from the end of the screen down first and third base. If the ball is beyond the extended screen line (in other words in the seats), the ball is out of available play.


19. Outfielders, including rovers, are not allowed to line up defensively on the dirt portion of the infield. During a play, outfielders and rovers may enter the dirt portion of the infield. Outfielders are not allowed to throw a ball from outfield directly to first base to record an out. Also, all infield players must line up behind baseline prior to ball being hit. Only exception to this rule is pitcher.


20. All scores will be input by the League. Ensure you have given the score to the umpire at the end of the game. All teams may utilize the official association score sheets or provide their own sheet and will retain the sheets for each game in the event of any issues requiring league inspection.


21. A ground rule double will be in effect for balls landing in fair territory and bouncing over the outfield fence at any MBSL field where an outfield fence is present. If the ball clears the fence in fair territory at these parks, it is considered a home run. However, at any MBSL park without an outfield fence, captains will meet prior to the beginning of the game to identify a home run "boundary line" in the outfield that goes from left to right field. If the ball is hit and carries in the air over this boundary line, it is considered a home run and the home run rule shall apply. The decision to award this type of home run is left to the umpire at the time of the play. No ground rule double rule specific to home runs will apply in parks with no outfield fence. At all diamonds if a ball is hit fair and rolls beyond the extended fence line down third base or first, it is a ground rule double and all base runners advance 2 bases from original position.


22. No blocking by the defensive player of the bases is allowed. Base runners are given priority to the base if a throw to the base is not forthcoming. If the defensive player interferes with the base runner, a delayed dead ball, interference call will be made by the umpire and the appropriate bases will be awarded when play has stopped. Base runners are not allowed to run beyond a reasonable distance from the baseline to avoid a tag. Base runners are not allowed to interfere with the defensive play whatsoever including slide rolls or waiving hands in the air in an attempt to obstruct the defensive play.


23. To ensure fair competition, a maximum of 7 total runs by any one team can be scored. After 7 runs, the inning is over and the defensive team goes to bat. This will be in effect for all innings except inning 7 or the last inning called by umpire due to time restraints which will allow unlimited runs by either team.


24. If the away team is losing after the top of the 7th inning, the game is over. The home team does not go to bat in the bottom of the 7th.


25. Match plus Two Home run rule: No team can be up in home runs over the other team by more than two during any point in the game. An out will be applied if more than 2 home runs are hit by the batting team once the match plus two rule is in effect. A home run is considered a ball hit over the outfield fence on the fly in parks with an outfield fence or identified boundary line. “Hit and Sit” shall be enforced, all runners return to your dugout immediately, if you hit the ball, go get the ball and return to the umpire before your teams next defensive inning. The rule does not apply to inside the park home runs hit at any park. This rule applies to all divisions. Teams must keep track of home runs hit by opposition to ensure accuracy.





26. Starting times are indicated on schedule posted online There is a grace period of 10 minutes allowed during the regular season or playoff games; Games times during playoffs will be allotted 1 hour 10 minutes and no new inning after 60 minutes. The league has the right to assign and/or change game times/dates/locations during the playoffs to accommodate league scheduling. Should umpires not show up for a scheduled game, teams have the option to reschedule or continue to play the game without umpires using their own designated umpires. Both teams must agree to play without an umpire otherwise match will be rescheduled. Teams will not be provided with specific special request game times/dates or locations during playoffs. During playoffs, teams are not allowed to contact each other to re-schedule playoff games.


27. Game times, dates, locations will not be altered for any reason from the set schedule.


28. Rainout/Weather cancellations: Teams should always be prepared to be at the diamond ready to play at the assigned time unless the league has advised you of a permit/game cancellation. League will notify teams by 4:00 pm if a permit/game has been cancelled. A rainout hotline is available to captains and players between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. In the event it begins to rain between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, a recorded message will be left on the hotline indicating whether or not the game is going to be played (Hotline 289-366-5022). Umpires are given authority to either play or not play the game given the conditions. If a game has been cancelled, the league will reschedule. Should any one team not comply by being available at the diamond for play and a decision by umpire is made that game could be played, the team without required players will default. If both teams are not present and a decision is made by umpire game conditions are favourable, the game will be recorded as a tie.





29. Playoff structure to be determined.





30. The umpire will be responsible for making all calls. The umpire's call is final. No player is allowed to voice any obscenity or comments about the call or the other players. Players must remain in the dug-out during the discussion. The umpire have the authority to remove any player for un-sportsmanlike conduct. The MBSL is a member of NSA Canada. Umpires will enforce MBSL rules, however should a MBSL rule not be available, umpires will refer to NSA rules as needed.

30 (a). The use of any illegal substance (not limited to alcohol, drugs, etc.) on park property on the field, dugout, stands, parking lot, and sidewalks will not be allowed before, during or after any MBSL game. Any team, player or spectator observed by umpire consuming alcohol will be asked to leave park property immediately. In the case where either one team, both teams, or a player or players on a team(s) are observed by the umpire the game will be cancelled and the guilty team will forfeit the game or in the case of both teams it will be recorded as a double default. In addition, either the team or both teams will be asked to justify their reasoning directly to the league. The league will have full option to suspend the team or teams up to a maximum of 5 regular season or playoff games as well as an option to ban the team or teams from the league.


31. If a bat is considered thrown by the batter and it makes contact with a defensive player or umpire, the batter is automatically out and will be ejected. If the bat does not make contact, batter is provided with one warning. This warning will also be considered a team warning. Next thrown bat is recorded as an out and an ejection.



32. Steel spikes are not allowed. If caught you will be ejected. Soccer or baseball shoes with rubber studs are allowed.