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Register for a team

To register for a team you need sign up for an account or be logged in to an account during the following 4 steps:



1. To signup for an account click the button at the top of the home page. Or by clicking  here. Return to this page after. Ignore this step if you have already signed up for an account and are logged in.




2. If you're a player and are looking for your team, simply navigate to your team page by clicking teams under the league type you're in. 




3. Find your team by either searching or scrolling through the list of registered teams. If your team is not there then it's not been registered yet. Contact your team captain to check.



4. Once on the team page click the request to join team link circled above. You'll be asked to submit this action on the next page with an optional message box. 

The team captain will receive your request and will be able to authenticate you on the team and you'll then show up on the team page as an active member. You'll need to wait for the captain to log back in and accept you to the team. Please note some messaging and posting options are not available when in a pending status. 

Any questions? Email: [email protected]