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League Rules

Updated August 2017




1. Teams are co-ed and can have up to 12players’ maximum on the team. Players can be full or part time.

(a) There must be a minimum of 2 females on the court always.

2. A team can play with 5 people on the court, but there still must be a minimum of 2 females on the court. Anything less than 5 players will result in a default.

3. If a team starts the game with 2 females, and one of them gets injured or must leave during the game, the team can continue to play with 1 female, but they must play short-handed for the remainder of the game.

4. Teams must be co-ed.

5. ALL players must be registered and have signed our waiver online before they are able to play in the league.

6.If any team wishes to make additions/changes to their team due to poor commitment by players, they will be permitted to do so at the midway point of the season. No sooner after registration is closed, and no later than the midway point of the season. The league will make acceptations to this rule in the event too many defaults are occurring for a team.



7. Physical altercations are not permitted in this league. If a physical altercation should occur, the offending players will be removed from the league immediately.

8. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted and may not be present at any games. Breaking this rule is also subject to suspension or removal.

9. Profanity and foul language is not permitted. Frustration ventilation is permitted, but not extreme rants of profanity.

10. Players must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner toward their own team and the opposing team. They must treat other players and referees with respect.



11. Every player should be equipped with volleyball knee pads. It is very easy for injury to occur if a players’ knees strike the floor without protection.

12. Appropriate attire for sport is mandatory. A player is not permitted to play in jeans or street clothing. Sweatpants and leggings or tights are permitted. Baggy or loose clothing is not permitted. We would like to see teams in uniform. It is not mandatory, but lightly enforced. Exceptions will only be made to prevent defaulted games.


13. If a team does not meet the minimum team requirements at 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, they forfeit the first set but can play the set for fun with at least 4 players of any gender. If a team does not meet minimum requirements at 15 minutes after the start of the game, they default the game. A team that does not meet the minimum team requirements is still permitted to play the game for fun provided the opposing team agrees to play.The opposing team may also choose to use the time for their own team game or practice.

14. Should a team default prior to the start of a game, that captain is required to contact the opposing team’s captain to notify them of default. Failure to notify the opposing captain or league will result in double the consequence of a regular default.

14. (a) A team cannot reschedule a game by choice. Only if the league permits the reschedule.

15. Rescheduled games will not be rescheduled. If a team defaults a rescheduled game, it will be entered the standings as a default.

16. Defaults will not be rescheduled, and the opposing team may use the gymnasium for volleyball purposes during the allotted time.

16. (a) If a team defaults, the opposing team will enter a win, as well as half the maximum points for each official set. If the opposing team or league is not notified of the default, the non-defaulting team will receive maximum points for each official set.



17. Each game consists of 4 sets. The first set isa 15-point warm up set. Twoof three officialsets will go to 25 points and the thirdofficial set is to 15 points.  The team to win 2/3 official sets will be the winner of the game.

18. Each set must be completed. There is no time limit on sets. Sets will continue until a team gains a 2-point advantage.

19. Captains are required to assist in submitting the score of the game online while logged into their captain’s account if a league representative asks for assistance.

20. The score input: Each team will record a win or loss, and also record 1 point for each set won where it says “points” in the score recording section.

20. (a) If teams are tied in wins in the standings at the end of the regular season, ties will be separated by the number of sets won. If they are tied in sets won, it will be the two teams record head to head.

20. (a) If the league requires you to assist in inputting scores online, you are to do it in good faith and honesty.

20. (b) If a team wins 3 straight sets quickly, teams are permitted to play for the remainder of the allotted time slot for fun.

20. (c) A point is awarded to a team ANYTIME the volleyball touches the ground. A point is awarded anytime a rally is won. This is to ensure all sets are played during the allotted time. This might be referred to as “rally points.”

21. You are permitted one step in on both sides of the court when serving.

22. Each player can only serve a maximum of 3 serves consecutively.

23. The net is set at women’sheight.

24. Spiking is permitted;however, you cannot target or attack players when spiking. You must also exercise a reasonable amount of caution when spiking. If a player on the opposing team is struck by a targeted spike or powerful spike and no caution was exhibited, the offending team will lose the point gained and will lose possession. The amount of caution is to be decided by the referee. This rule is very ambiguous and reflects an aspect of safety.

25. Tipping is permitted and blocking is permitted. The top of the net is to remain untouched. The lower part of the net can be touched.
25. (a) You cannot cross the line below the net. The line can be touched, but not crossed with a full foot.

26. You cannot kick the volleyball with a full leg swing. If the ball is deflected off a leg unintentionally, or a person extends a leg to save the volleyball from striking the ground, it will be permitted. This is the referee’s discretion. This rule is to prevent clownery.

27. Substitute players can rotate in when your team regains possession, and can also rotate in once a player reaches the 3 serve maximum.

27. (a) Substitution is not mandatory. Substitution can only be made in proper rotation unless a player is injured.

28. Either the referee or an MBSL representative will keep score. Teams may be asked to assist with this at times and are obligated to do so at the referee’s discretion.

29. All calls made by the referee are final. The referee’s calls will stand and are not subject to change in anyway. In the event a bad call alters the playoffs, the league will investigate.

30. If you are unfamiliar with the sport, it is your responsibility to research common volleyball rules. Lifts, scoops, re-directs, double hits and pro-longed contact are all illegal touches. This is mainly a recreational league and the rules will be enforced in a manner that reflects fun as the goal of the season.



31. If the gymnasium is locked, or the facility is inaccessible up until 10 minutes after the start of your game time, the game will be cancelled and rescheduled by the league. If the gymnasium is open, but the facility is unprepared for play, teams may try to prepare the facility and play the game.

32. If there is a real threat of a major snow storm or freezing rain, the league will reschedule the game.

33. In the event a team defaults close to game time or does not show, the opposing team may still use the facility for volleyball purposes in the allotted time. They can practice or play amongst themselves.

34. In the event a referee does not show, teams must ref their own game. If a referee is late, teams must start the game on time and self ref. If the referee does not show, teams must self referee.



35. Head-to-head (the twoteam’s records against one another.)

36. Points achieved



37. Playoffs will be the best 3 out of 5 sets. No warm up set. Sets to 25,25,25,25,15.



38. Do not interfere with other teams or user groups of the facility. Should there be a conflict in facility usage with other user groups; captains will be equipped with a copy of the permit. Should conflict arise with another group, the league will investigate and reschedule the game.

39. All decisions by the league are final and not subject to challenge or change.

40. Players cannot be traded amongst teams. Players of companies with 2 or more teams may not use players from each other’s teams unless they receive permission from the league OR if the second team is in a different division.

41. The minimum age requirement for players is 18. Exceptions can be made for specific circumstances. Contact the league for approval.

42. Music can be played during games.

43. Players challenged as an illegal player must provide photo I.D within 5 minutes of the challenge. If the player cannot produce photo I.D within the 5 minutes, they are to be removed from the game. If the player is deemed illegal, the offending team will default the game. The game may still be played for fun if both captains agree.

44. Volleyball related activities are only permitted in the gymnasium. You are not permitted to toss the ball around or conduct any activity outside of the gymnasium.
45. Appropriate shoes must be worn inside the gymnasium. You must respect the facility and keep it clean. Failure to respect the facility the league operates in will result in removal from the league.